Saturday, March 9, 2013

Voxel Engine Part 3 (Final)

As promised, here is the Voxel Engine Unity Project:
Unity Package (1.36mb)
Alternative download link

The webplayer demo is available in my previous post.

There is a "Read-me" file inside the package pointing out some directions for those who are trying to understand the project.

I would like to thanks Paul of the BlockStory project that wrote some very useful articles that helped me a lot to get started in the Voxel World. Some classes are heavily based on his samples.

Thanks as well to the Unity community that have this great topic about voxels and to Jeff Standen that wrote the Simplex3D Noise that I'm using.

This demo works on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Webplayer. It was tested on my Android Galaxy S2 and Apple iPad4.

The main bottleneck is the CPU while the player is creating and destroying blocks. In the code I left some hints of things that I would have done differently now, or links to articles that offers a better solution for what I did. Remember, this is just a prototype that emerged from a study. There is a lot of stuff to change if you are planning to use this in a real project.

The textures and sounds came from Minecraft ( ), and the pickaxe is a model that I did trying to reproduce the Minecraft pickaxe. So those assets are not my property and should not be used in any commercial way.

Fell free to use all the other assets and scripts in the way you like.
If you did something cool using this project, please let me know. :)



  1. I did something cool with this project :P
    Thanks a ton! :)

  2. I just posted a reference to your project. Thanks for share. :)

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    1. Thanks to point that out. You can find the updated project at github:

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