Saturday, April 27, 2013

Voxelizer Part 1

Here follows the first results of my voxelizer (the process to take a regular mesh and create a voxel representation). For the tests I'm using an old SpiderMan model that I created in 2005 (damn, I dunno how I found it on my HD) and Sponza Palace that Crytek donated to public domain (download link). I'm glad with the results, but I still have to take in account the model's texture to colorize the voxels. This is a small part of my Global Illumination studies. hehe

Just a few million of voxels. That's I call density. :D

In the next posts I will share the Unity webplayer demo and project source.
If you are interested to understand how it's made, I recomend you to start studing the "Separating Axis Theorem" (SAT). Here is some very usefull links about it:

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