Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to identify iPhone5S and iPhone5C on Unity 3.5

Since Unity 3.5.7 is the last planned version of Unity 3, I created a simple plugin to help the developers that for some reason can't update their projects to Unity 4 atm. In fact this is something that I had to use in the past to identify the iPhone5... The ideia to post this came from this topic on Unity forum.

The following plugin is an alternative for users of Unity 3.5 that need to identify new Apple mobile devices like the iPhone5S and iPhone5C. Using the device model as a string is also a good ideia if your application can download config files from a server or if you are using AssetBundles. This way you do not need to upload a new binary to Apple only to set some settings based on the user device.

The plugin is avaliable at:

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